Submission Guidelines


Before you consider submitting to Blood Song Books please make yourself familiar with our Submission Guidelines. This will ensure that your submission is successfully received and read, and not rejected for an easily avoidable issue.

Submission Etiquette

All submissions should be addressed to the Editor, with a polite introduction. Your introduction should include:

  • Your names, both legal and your pen name (if you use one).
  • The title of your submission.
  • The submission’s word count.
  • The name of the anthology to which you are submitting.
  • Your Author Biography (100 words or less) and/or your Author website and social media links if these are requested on the Submissions Call.

It is good form to thank the editor for their time and consideration. It is never acceptable to send a publisher a blank email with nothing but an attachment.

Submission Formatting

The following formatting is more or less industry standard, and our preference.

  • Your submission should be in Shunn Short Story Format, and in Times New Roman 12 pt font.
  • Tabs must not be used for paragraph indentation, use proper Style formatting for paragraphs and line spacing. If you are unsure of this, research. (Google is your friend!)
  • The only permissible file types are .doc and .docx.

Sending Your Submission

  • All submissions should be sent to: bloodsongbooks[at] (Yes, this address is correct. Simply replace the [at] with the ‘@’ symbol when sending.
  • All submissions close midnight of the specified date according to Australian Western Standard Time (AWST; UTC+08:00), unless they fill prior to the deadline.

Final Comments

Failing to adhere to any of these simple, standard Submission Guidelines will result in an automatic rejection. Depending on whether a particular Call has imposed a limit on  the number of submissions or not, you may be permitted to re-send in the proper manner.