Harvest – v2




A Farmhouse Horror Anthology

Farmhouse Horror Duology – Volume 2

Blurb: The floorboards creak, the corn rustles, the blood moon rises, and terror stirs… What horrors lurk in the darkness, or right beneath your nose under the stark glare of the sweltering sun? Is it human, animal, or something far more sinister?
HARVEST (Volume 2) is an anthology of delectable farmhouse horror, ranging from the disturbing kind that causes goose-flesh, to the gory, supernatural sort that will leave you with nightmares!
Featuring 20 talented international authors with a variety of tales between 500 – 1000 words…let the rustic, isolated nature of farm life awaken your rural fears.

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Release Day: October 31st, 2020

Full List of Contributing Authors: (listed Alphabetically by First Name)

Josh Greenwood, Joshua D. Taylor, Kaitlyn Lynch, Kathleen Halecki, Kyra Leroux, Lindsey Goddard, Majanka Verstraete, Matthew A. Clarke, Michael Maguire, Mike Rader, Nic Brady, Olivia Arieti, Radar DeBoard, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Stephanie Scissom, Terry Miller, Tiffany Michelle Brown, Troy Massie, V.A. Vazquez & Zoey Xolton.