Forest of Fear – v2

Forest of Fear

An Anthology of Halloween Horror Microfiction

Fright Night Fiction – Volume 2

Blurb: The moon is high, and the darkness teems with nightmares. It’s All Hallows’ Eve…do you dare go out, risking life and limb, for a sweet treat? Will you answer the call of the night? Sate your seasonal hunger, and sink your teeth into this delectable collection of 100+ bites of Halloween horror!

Featuring: 22 international and bestselling authors whom were hand selected for this Invitation Only publication. Each author has contributed five 100 word tales, with special guests opening and closing the anthology!

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Release Day: October 26th, 2020

Full List of Contributing Authors: (listed Alphabetically by First Name)

Amber M. Simpson, Beth W. Patterson, Charles Reis, Chris Bannor, Cindar Harrell, D. Kershaw, David Green, Evan Baughfman, G. Allen Wilbanks, Gabriella Balcom, J.E. Feldman, Kevin J. Kennedy, Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway, Majanka Verstraete, S.R. Guardian, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Stephen Herczeg, Stuart Conover, Terry Miller, V.A. Vazquez, Valerie Lioudis & Zoey Xolton.