The Magic Within



The Magic Within

Fast Fiction Collection #5

A Single Author Kindle Read (eBook only)

An Urban Fantasy High School Witchcraft Short Story

Blurb: “When two or three are gathered in my name, I am with them…”

A Kindle Short Story from Best Selling Australian Speculative Fiction Author Zoey Xolton!

Amber is a social outcast—a nerd, a goth…and a witch. Singled out by the schoolyard jocks, she knows what it’s like to be taunted, made of a mockery of, and abused. On her own, she has always wished for a true friend, someone like her.

When a new student arrives at Willowcreek High, and becomes the jocks’ fresh target, she realises that the Dark Lord she whispers to each night may have finally answered her prayers…

Author: Zoey Xolton

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Release Day: April 30th, 2020